Saturday, 17 November 2007

Best baby in the world and the colors of fall

Who still has dial up you ask? Look no further. One can only ask WHY? No uploading pictures, no talking to my husband on skype and it took me 20 minutes to connect to blogger without even passing through my blog because that, with loading the pictures and videos, would have taken all day.

Thursday's flight was the longest flight I've ever had, and not because of my baby but because it was the first time I've crossed the Atlantic without sleeping. I don't care if you think your baby is the best because mine wins hands down! The flight attendants on Air France even said so. I did end up drugging her on the plane and she only slept for 2 hours because the loud obnoxious manager of the Galleries Lafayettes Strasbourg woke her up (all the GL mangers were going to NY to check out the department stores) and this COW was so loud. I asked her politely to be quiet and she said , "je ne reveille pas votre bebe" yeah whatever. then she put her hand on my shoulder and said, "ah regardez elle suis trop respectueuse - j'en ai 3" and 3 minutes later, Suz was awake and we still had 6 hours left in the flight. The flight attendants kept cooing at her and one of them said he'd never seen such a gracieuse and gentille baby on a plane especially without sleeping! She's a star. We got to my parents and she's been wonderful. I'm the one suffereing from the risidual effects of all the travel and strike related stress!

Here in NJ, fall has comevery late and the colors are beautiful. I went for a run yesterday, zig zagging through town and up the hill (which is actually the first mountain in a chain just after the sea) and from the top, I looked out on the beaufitul fall colors all the way to Manhattan. All I could think was what a great town I grew up in and how much I miss fall. As I ran my way back down to my parents' house and the sun streamed through the gold and velvety red leaves, it just felt so good to be home...Suzanne experienced her first swing yesterday (since there aren't any in French playgrounds for some reason) and this morning, she played in the leaves as my father raked. Life is good but would be even better if I hadnt woken up at 3am and if my husband were here. Can't have it all, huh? But if he were here, I wouldn't have had as much fun at Target last night.

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joy suzanne said...

Oh la vache, I can't believe she wouldn't shut up so the baby could sleep.

Have a wonderful time in NY. I lived there for a couple of years and I do miss the fall colors...

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