Friday, 23 November 2007

TG update

Sitting in Starbucks digesting and recovering...

All's well in NJ. It is now Indian Summer in NJ, was Winter 3 days ago (snow and all) and was fall when I got here a week ago.
Black Friday tomorrow and for some reason we are going to the outlets to go shopping. Must be the martyr gene.
I surprisingly seem to have culture shock, so does Suzanne, but she doesn't realize it because she has swings, dog shit free playgrounds, fall leaves and squirrels all around!

She also has been pigging out like a good little American, with Thanksgiving and at Rice to Riches (see 3rd picture) (imagine an ice cream joint but with rice pudding instead...amazing).

Nothing more to write but wanted to let my friends know I haven't disappeared, just living in a dial up house.


Anonymous said...

oooooh I seeeee! dial up! wow! I though my parents were backward - YOU WIN !!!
nice to hear from you though - I'm reaaally sorry I missed you this week but I'm hoping to give you some good news soon...
xxx kisses galore from bah-ee

Deb said...

I am so glad that you two are having such a good time. And snow? You lucky girl you!

Suzanne looks so happy in that swing!

Keep having fun!

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