Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Cinderella on a bike

Yesterday on my way home, as I marvelled at just how comfortable my new girlie shoes were, I found myself barefoot. My brand new shoe bought during my business trip in Ireland was lying in the crosswalk. I stopped and tried to go in reverse to grab my perfect new shoe before it got run over. As I turned around, still straddling my bike, I noticed a man turn around and grab it for me. My first thought was, "ik, he's actually touching a stranger's shoe? weird..." Of course, this was a brand new shoe and my feet are clean so I knew he was safe.

He handed me my shoe and asked if it was too big or too small. I said that it was just slippery. "Maybe I'm Cinderella," I said. And he smiled...he was obviously not my prince charming though (overweight and about my dad's age).

The French are not outgoing or helpful to strangers in the street. You defeinitely can't say they are warm. And they are definitely not smiley. So an exchange like this IN FRANCE makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And makes me hate them a little less.


wcs said...

Aw, c'mon. You're just having an off day. I find most people I encounter in France to be as warm and friendly as anybody. Of course, there are individuals that are exceptions, and bigger cities can be a bit gruff, but that's true everywhere.

Where I live, people are extremely nice on the street and in the shops. In fact, I'd say that the general tone here is much warmer and friendlier than many American places I've lived where the middle fingers and the "fuck-yous" fly freely.

I was told very recently by a Parisienne that the north of France (your region) is renowned for its hospitality and the warmth and generosity of its people.

You don't really hate it here... I can tell from your other postings. You need a nice glass of beaujolais at a bustling café on a sunny afternoon. Oh yes, that sounds good. ;)

Nicole said...

You can make buttermilk pancakes here. Buttermilk is lait ribot at the supermarket. I miss target too. oh gosh and whole foods.

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