Monday, 4 June 2007

Things I miss

  • pints and pints of fresh blueberries all blue and firm.
  • black russian bagel with chive cream cheese
  • real buttermilk pancakes, just half a stack will do.
  • Whole Foods. Do you think I could open a franchise here?
  • juice sweetended cranberry juice - none of that oversweet Ocean Spray junk
  • Target. Need I say more?
  • mud pie ice cream from Emack and Bolio's.
  • Cabot's private stock vermont cheddar (and their habanero cheddar too)
  • All you can eat salad bar salads
  • honey-mustard pretzels
  • non-smoking restaurants, cafés, etc. But I'll get my wish in 2008.
  • Century 21 - but the one in NJ please (no tax on clothing!)
  • corn on the cob - the bread and butter variety.
  • my amazing record collection (collecting dust and possibly melting at my parents' house)
I guess I also miss friends and family too sometimes.


Samantha said...

Man, I could've written that list myself! I've especially been craving blueberries lately. I'm tempted to start growing them myself. I don't understand why they are so rare here - the markets are full of strawberries, raspberries, etc, so why no blueberries? I used the frozen ones from Picard to make blueberry muffins last week and they turned out good...but my attempt at blueberry pancakes was less successful - the pancakes all stuck together when piled up.

Jennifer said...

Let me know if you end up opening up a Whole Foods - I just might join in to help you! :)

I miss a lot of those same things too. I miss Target and blueberry pancakes for sure!

Karina said...

when i make blueberry pancakes i pour out the pancake batter on to the pan and then sprinkle some blueberries on and using a spoon take some more batter and cover them individually, that way when you flip them there is no burning or sticking to the pan... i hope that might help you sam ;-) i'll leave this commetn on your blog as well... :-)

Deb said...

Ahhhhh...foooood!!! That's what I miss too!!!

I would like to add my little faves:

- I was a total bagel nut! Lender's Bagels anyone?!!

- Every once in a while I would go to IHOP on a Sunday morning just for some pankcakes. I miss that!

- Walmart - I shopped at Target a few times, but I was always a Walmart girl at heart!

- Sbarro's pizza - soooo good!

- Real Chinese food! I have not had any luck finding really good Chinese here.

- Publix Supermarket (similar to A&P up in NY/NJ) It was so nice to be able to food shop with a bit of elbow room and with shopping carts you can actually push!

- Morningstar farms and Amy's organic vegetarian foods - I miss Whole Foods Market too!

- Taco bell! It was good grub for the price. Man, now I'm craving Mexican!

- Dunkin Donuts!!!! - I miss going through the drive-thru on my way to work with nice cup of coffee. Will they ever have coffee-to-go in France?

And I totally agree with you about the non-smoking places. Why the hell can't they do that here? I don't think anyone really likes to inhale smoke while they're eating or shopping!

ManicBlu said...

It's the food for me as well. I'm too old for what many call gourmet. I'm a south Louisiana country girl with country cookin taste and I just can't make anything here taste the same as back home.

To be fair I have to say I'm healthier here than I was in the states since I don't eat all the fat and junk foods that I did back home.

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