Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Fête des mères

Our nanny is awesome. Tata (auntie in English) is full of energy, loves kids and more importantly good to my daughter. Of course I was really really insanely jealous of her at first, especially when Suzanne called her mama, but have now realized that we are a team. And I now know that Suzanne knows who her mama is.

So this is what Suzanne made for me for Mother's Day. I had tears in my eyes when I opened it. I thanked the nanny, but she said it was Suzanne's creation. She herself only painted the back.

She's currently secretly preparing a father's day present. I don't know what, but I know it's coming because Suzanne has blue paint under her fingernails.


Deb said...

I saw that on you flickr site. So cute! But I must admit, I thought Jerome had helped Suzanne do that!

What did you get from your hubby on mother's day? I got a nintendo wii game! LOL

Reb said...

I got tickets to the track meet :)

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