Thursday, 3 May 2007

Top signs that a document was not written (or proofread) by a native English speaker

I know, I know. It's mean to make fun of my coworkers but I've done way too much proofreading today so thought I'd share some gems (not necessarily from the documents I read today)

  1. Ass. (as in The Ass. of Greater Manchester)
  2. FUC is the abbreviation for a certain German university
  3. CUM amount (as in cumulative amount of expenditure
And an extra bonus:
  1. I'm creaming myself (as in I am putting cream on my hands)
I take back point 3. I just got a spreadsheet from an English project labeled "cum summary".


Deb said...

Such a wicked little mind you have! ;o)

No, I'm right there with ya. Abbreviations can be really funny in English.

"I'm creaming myself" - good one! LOL

bibilamalice said...

yes deb i agree - when my ex said that to me (unabridged : "i'll be ready in a minute, i'm just creaming myself") I nearly had a seizure. Things were never the same between us after that ;)

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