Friday, 4 May 2007

Weaning Part II

I'm sure you're all curious about how the weaning is going (or at least what the state of my breasts is).

After the initial mourning period, I am doing ok. I felt bad last week because I was sad about giving up my baby and losing the special bond she and I have shared for almost a year. I've also seen that she doesn't need me as much, which makes me sad but also makes me happy because I see she's more independent and is building a stronger relationship with her papa. I know it's been difficult for Jérôme to sit by and be the third wheel in this very intimate relationship. With such a interdependence between me and Suzanne, my poor husband has been pushed aside. I mildly panicked at the thought of having to rebuild a relationship but have realized there is nothing to be scared of.

And what about the "Oh no, I'm gonna get fat" issue? Well, I haven't been as hungry so I've been eating less. Simple as that. Strange but true.

So, Suzanne has had no problems so far letting go of feedings. We are down to 3 feedings - milk at breakfast, lunch and before bed. I also sucessfully weaned myself off the pump - I was producing so much extra milk that I needed to take that into account as part of the weaning process.

On Wednesday I went to the lactarium one last time to drop off my milk. I asked if they kept a record of how much I'd donated, but they don't. I was just curious to know how many liters of milk I've produced over the past year. The body really is so amazing. Today is the last day I will pump at work. I may even go to the pharmacy tomorrow to return the pump. We've got enough milk in the freezer to last a few weeks.

The next feeding to go is lunchtime. This shouldn't be a problem since she gets a bottle from the nanny most days anyway. I'm thinking of trying to make her drink defrosted breast milk from a cup instead of a bottle for lunch while she's at the nanny's. This would also make the transition easier, especially since the goal in the next 2 weeks (ie when I leave for Ireland on the 21st) is to have her continue having some breast milk (from the frozen supply) until the freezer is empty.

To be honest, I'm having more trouble with this than she is. If I didn't offer, I don't think she'd ask. Her feedings are shorter and shorter and she's a voracious eater when she's at the table.

Yup, it is a little like mourning...but the good part is, my I'm back to my pre-pregnancy bras. I never thought that was possible!

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Deb said...

Don't worry yourself too much about lil' Suz and her daddy. Although I only saw them for a brief time during my last visit, they seemed to interact quite well together! Well, except for the "Suzanne get your foot off the table" part. ;o)

Make sure you still eat! Don't be afraid to eat now that you are no longer breastfeeding. You won't gain!!!

Even though it is a sad time for you, I think you are handling it quite well. And although this closes a chapter on one of your special moments with Suzanne, there will be plenty more!

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