Monday, 3 June 2013

Bilingual brain in action

Suzanne : "Mommy, I'm going to read La Famille trop d'filles before I go to bed"
Max: Mommy, why are there too many girls?

And just like that, bilingualism is easy in our family.

I finally went into Max's class today. I'd practically begged his teacher to invite me into the class since the beginning of the year. and he finally did it on his own terms. He invited 3 non-French parents in to each do a week based on the same three things : a flag, a home and a song.

And the kids were great as always. We learned the colors of the flag and the beginning of the wheels on the bus. Then we finished up with dried cranberries, which most of them liked.

The maître conveniently forgot to tell me that there would also be observers : a language and a music consultant for the rectorat (the school board). All year, here I've been thinking he didn't trust me and there he is using me to showcase his big project. I was flattered. But enough about me and my ego.

I spoke to the two consultants post-lesson when the kids were in the toilettes and I was surprised about the questions they asked like  he doesn't get confused? And I realized once again how little people know about bilingual. And in the end, it's so natural for most people.

One of the reasons I like going into the classes - besides getting a major high - is that it somehow normalizes the whole difference of bilingual thing. And I hope it makes being bilingual cool and makes my kids' differences acceptable.

So I'll say it again to reassure all the other bilingual parents that it all works out in the end !


L said...

You should try trolling someone sometime; just say "Oh yes, my kids are really confused all the time," just to see their reaction! Okay, maybe not the school teacher, but you get my drift :)

Reb said...

Maybe I could use them as translators? pretend like I don't speak french....

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