Sunday, 26 May 2013

Testing testing 123

Here I am sitting in bed wi my new ipad testing the blog. And I'm realizing that 7 years ago at this time,I was lying in bed writhing in pain. We were waiting for our daughter, suzanne, to arrive. It's true that you forget the pain(and believe me that three days of back labor is no fun!). And being a mom is better than I ever imagined. 

Any reader of this blog(is there anyone left?) knows about my preoccupation with my kids bilingualism. One of my greatest fears about motherhood was about language. When I saw Suzanne for the first time, I spoke to her in English and haven't stopped since. I can't remember what those first words were after saying the f word a bunch of times...but I'm sure it was something nice. 

Suzanne is an amazing little person whim so damn proud of. She's smart and funny, inquisitive and kind, sensitive and passionate. She's a little too much like me sometimes for my own taste but she's what she is and I love her unconditionally.

In French they say that 7 is the age de raison. And it's true. Yesterday she and I went the local shop where they've know Suzanne forever. After saying she was turning 7, she explained t the shopkeeper that 7 meant she could understand adults.

Happy birthday to my little bear! I am s very proud of you.


Anonymous said...

awww! cute. I'm still reading you! AND very jealous that you got an ipad! A big bday just passed and I chose a garmin gps running watch over one. Do you think in ten years they'll still exist?!

Amber said...

Happy birthday Suzanne! You have raised two great kids, Reb. They are very lucky to have you for a mom :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Suzanne! We had a 7 year old girl visiting us today and she's bilingual too.
Reb, have you looked into the bilingual section in Lille? I know they were just starting one (right as we were packing our boxes for down here in Vieille France ;-) ).
It's great for our kids to be part of an international community and where speaking more than one language is normal. Only two languages, pfffft.
Hope Suzanne enjoyed her day and is completely reasonable -- until the next big milestone.

Bisous d'ichi,
Rachael (used to be in Lille)

Reb said...

Thanks for the messages!
@RAchael, I hope you're all doing well in Paris ! I have indeed looked into the bilingual section and will probably be putting S in it in 2 years.

Typing on an ipad was not fun...but I'm sure enjoying having it!

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