Monday, 4 June 2012

What has your health care done for you lately?

In the past month, I've gotten a new pair of orthopedic insoles which helped my knee stop hurting and saved the government money they would have had to pay for phsyical therapy or even sick leave due to knee problems. I have gotten new glasses for my daugther who can't see without them. She has been wearing glasses since her vision problem was picked up at the state mandated well baby check up when she was 4. I have paid 21€ (which will be reimbursed) for the dentist to check and begin work on a huge cavity in my daughter's molars. She'll have to go back in a week to let him finish. Both visits will be fully reimbursed as will the tranquilizers she needs to take to keep her calm enough for him to work.

My daughter visited the dermatologist and had warts burnt off for a total of €35.

My kids and I visited dear Dr. R (the kissy doctor) who let them play up-down with his examination table while I asked for presecription renewals, vaccinations for the kids, as well as sedatives for the airplane (he wouldn't give me the last). The whole visit, which lasted about 30 minutes costs me €23. I have restocked my basic medications, including the allergy and asthma medecines I'll need for my 2 months in the US and my migraine medecine. Without the latter, the government would have to pay for my sick days when I can't function with a migraine.

The point of this post is to show that while it would be easy to take advantage of the socialized system and that it is costly, it also helps when you need it.

I agree that it is a costly system. But without any of the abovementioned things, the costs would be more. In many ways, socialized medecine as I use it, is preventitive medecine.

So what has your healthcare done for you lately?

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TN said...

I agree I love it! I made a post on my blog about the birth of my new baby (first was born in the States).

I have expensive doctors but we have a mutuelle that makes up for the difference.

Things have slowed down on the CPAM front but glad they paid for my breast pump rental for 6 months that was a shock! In the US I rented it for 6 months at $65 a month. Wonderful!


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