Thursday, 6 October 2011

Storytime : October, November, December

The fate of storytime is in your hands...
Actually, it's in the hands of the city government. The Wazemmes library has lost 3 staff members since the beginning of storytime last spring. But Marie, my storytime partner, is standing behind it. We met this morning to set dates until the end of the year. And although the library is understaffed, she is firmly standing by storytime and all of the other animations planned by the library.

Storytime is a victim of its own success in many ways. The word is out and it's a little too loud! Marie informed me this morning that a group of ten 6-8 year old will be attending next Wednesday as part of the public day camp's activity. She also handed me an email from another Saturday morning program organized by the city. The email basically says we heard the library has a bilingual program and we'd like to work that into our Saturday morning language initiation program that's part of the city's PEG (plan d'education global ie the city's education plan which includes more access to foreign language education).

So, although I'm flattered to be the library's "bilingual program", I need to think long and hard about how I can 1) accomodate the demands and 2) make this into something real, profitable and with a future. Because, who would I be kidding if I said that I'd much rather play with european money than read to little kids all day long. But I digress...

Storytime dates are as follows :
October 12th and 15th
November 12th and 23rd (in time for Thanksgiving!)
December 10th and 21st

Wednesday is at 3:30pm. Saturday is at 10:30am.

If you need more information, you can contact me through this blog or get in touch with the Mediatheque de Wazemmes at 03 20 12 84 68
From January onwards, storytime will take place Wednesday OR Saturday depending on the popularity of the test dates we've had in the fall.

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