Monday, 13 June 2011

Storytime: June edition

Thanks to clairmaria for reminding me to remind you...

The June edition of stoytime will take place on June 22nd at 3:30 pm at the Wazemmes library. Marie (the librarian) and I have already prepared our set list which includes colors, animal sounds and songs!

And moegood news! Storytime already has dates in September and October. We'll be testing Wednesday and a new Saturday session to see what works best.

Be there or be square!


Anonymous said...

Aarrgh! We have a playdate with The Small's best friend that day.

Have a great time! And we're emigrating back to France (Ile-de-France) so we won't be around in September. It sounds like the story time is really taking off!

Have you left a flyer in Thomas Green's, the English shop on rue Gambetta? Actually, I don't know about that...he's tight with the British Library crowd ;-)

Take care,

Reb said...

Good luck Rachael! Thanks for your support of storytime! I may leave a flyer at Thomas Green (he's a school chum of a good friend of mine).

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