Friday, 11 March 2011

Two thumbs up for handicap services in French train station

Now that my mother's an experienced traveller, we don't pick her up at the airport anymore. She gets off the plane at CDG, gets her bags and gets the train to Lille where we pick her up. It's the in between part that always worries me. Since my mother has back problems and the train only makes a 3 minute stop at the airport train station, we always worry how she'll get her bags (full of American food items, cute clothes from Carter's and tons of books!) down to the train station and onto the train. But my ever ressourceful mother made a discovery in her most recent trip : service pour voyageurs handicapés.

There is a seperate office at most major train stations where a handicapped or older person can go and get a free porter to/from the train on both ends. The service is free if you have a handicap card or if you are over 80 years old. Not convinced?

It gets better! The people are nice, won't accept tips, and speak English! That's two very positive French administrative-ish experiences in just over a week. Is that worrisome?


Amber said...

I am shocked and amazed, and glad to hear it. Our most recent trip to Paris with a stroller was a total eye-opener and I wondered how handicapped people or the elderly get along in that city. It's nice to hear that there are some services here and there!

Anonymous said...

Wow - French customer service!!! Who knew?! :)

I found your blog by way of Multilingual Living. Being married to a Frenchman for 7 years, having lived in France for 5 years (past three years to present have been spent in Italy), I enjoyed reading through your posts. Definitely gave me a good chuckle. Keep up the great writing!


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