Thursday, 12 November 2009

the never ending chantier

I have a real front hall. Finally, after living in this house for a year and a half, I have coat hooks that don't block the door from closing and a place to put the shoes that doesn't involve walking over 10 pairs to get into the house.

Don't get me wrong. The house is far from finished. And the front hall - which is part of the ground floor ie last priority - is no where near finished. That explains why there is plaster dust on all my coats. But who cares? Now I can live with it.

We also have turned the no man's land room (our future master bedroom) into a gameroom, equiped with our newly inherited pool table. It's also the perfect place to set up the exercise machine that I will probably never have time to use.

And remember the garden that we were working so hard to finish this summer? Well, it's not finished. But thanks to our wonderful cats, we will never need to fertilize to make things grow. They took it upon themselves to use their shit in a sustainable way and have litterally turned our tiny peice of earth into an enormous litter box. I'm hoping the winter rain will take care of it because I gag at the thought of having to clean the dirt in the spring.

As if there was time to do anything around the house between the kids and the leaky shower...maybe instead of writing this entry I should actually be taking the 2 year old masking tape off the windows that were painted last summer (ok, only 1 coat but who's counting?).

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