Friday, 13 November 2009

Hit me

At the bottom of the blog, there are a couple links. One of them is my site meter which I put there for the hell of it, but rarely look at. It can tell me lots of stuff about the people who visit my lowly blog including where they're from, what they look at and how they get here.

Last night, I had a look at the last 100 people. Of course I recognized my parents coming to visit from NJ and referrals from some other blogs I read. But the interesting bit is the people who get here through google searches.

The hot topic at the moment is urination. I got a dozen hits with various combinations of the words French, pee, problem, discrete, outside. My favorite one is "what is French pee" from someone in North Carolina. Maybe Southern pee is different from French pee? Or maybe it's something sick I don't know about and would rather ignore. And someone in Australia found me by wondering " why do the French pee outside"? I'll get back to you when I find the answer to that one....

Another one that gets lots of hits is the name of the blog. A dozen people have looked for Spaghettios t-shirts, which makes me think I should be marketing my blog.

Yet another interesting topic on my blog is caca boudin. Of course we all know that this is a highly interesting topic for the 3-5 year old market, but I don't think any of them know how to do a google search yet.

And my personal favorite is the person in Sacremento, California who searched for the answer to this doozy : are spaghettios bad for pregnant women?

Thanks for visiting and keep it coming.


Deb said...

So can we eat Spaghettios? lol If they only sold it in France...

You know I've always enjoyed your blog. ;o)

The t-shirt promo for your site might not be such a bad idea either.

Oh and by the way, I decided to follow your lead and add a site meter to my blogsite as well. Not that I get much traffic, since I just started blogging again after being out of the blog-world for a year!

Souad said...

Could this Daily Mail article be a tentative answer to why French males wee outside?

I like your blog, it has a double interest for me: multilingualism, and life in France seen by an expat. I find some of the situations you describe hilarious and they also ring so true (I spent 4.5 years of my life in France).

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