Friday, 19 September 2008

Advantages of my job #12: Japanese drumming

beh ouais. In Luxembourg not only have I discovered that the pinot noir is tasteless and that hamburgers are overpriced(€19 and it wasn't nearly as good as Buffalo Grill). I've also discovered that the rather odd, seemingly totally straight laced government employee responsible for making decisions about 351 million euros in European funding is also part of a Japanese drumming group. Who would have thunk?

Now, granted this annual event cost a total ot 250,000 euros of your public money and granted the Luxemburgish presidency wanted to show off and granted the Luxemburgish chair (who actually happens to be German) really wanted to showcase "her" city by choosing a beautiful venue like the Abbey. But what on earth possessed this previously unconfirmed psycho to actually invite her Japanese percussion group to perform in front of all 250 invitees of the annual event? What could she possibly be thinking when she decided to play little cymbals and bang gongs barefoot in front of other government officials? Welcome to my world...

At least there's cable.

1 comment:

Madame K said...

Sorry to say it, but everything in Lux is tasteless and overpriced!

And where the hell did you find a hamburger anyway?

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