Thursday, 21 August 2008

Analyze this

I’m deciding whether to make a raspberry-chocolate cake or a chocolate-lime cake. I decide to make the raspberry cake, which requires 3 different types of raspberry alcohol. I decide to add some duck breast. Then suddenly, I am in my office which isn’t really my office sitting across from a college hall mate who lost a hand in Iraq. We are planning lunch with my colleagues at an Ethiopian restaurant. When I suddenly realize the restaurant belongs to Kenenisa Bekele who I really want to impress. When we get to the restaurant, Suzanne’s nanny is sitting there with her husband and two kids. I notice that she’s holding Suzanne on her lap but she’s wearing a pink wig. The nanny explains to me that she decided to take her for a haircut. A wave of jealousy overtakes me but I don’t know how to tell the nanny that she’s my daughter not hers. I twist my wedding ring around with my thumb –nervous habit- and notice there’s a nick in the gold.

I’m at the bottom of a sloping field. I need to run up the hill to find my co-worker who always has the answers because Jerome isn’t around. And I have to tell the nanny that Suzanne is mine daughter, not hers! But Bekele is there and I’m too ashamed to run up the hill. I can’t find my coworker but am transported into town where I find Jerome’s cousin. We are in a neighborhood of the Touquet, surrounded by huge trees and mansions. We are in a ground floor apartment with a sunken living room with a real estate agent. A Chinese couple comes to visit the place. He only has one hand; she has a weird contraption that allows her to detach her lower arm at will.

They decide to take the apartment. So J’s cousin and I go out for a run in the rain. She tells me I need to tell the nanny that she is not Suzanne’s mother. I’m in a parking lot trying to find a space when I see the nanny’s car with Suzanne in it. They drive off and I go after them on my bike. But it turns out that my father’s mother is actually driving the car (she died when my father was young) and that Suzanne, Jerome and I are going camping and I still haven’t made the chocolate-raspberry cake.

This dreams means :

1) I’m pregnant and having strange cravings

2) Vacation's over and I’m having mother’s guilt about having to send my little girl back to fulltime daycare

3) I’m obsessed with Kenenisa Bekele

4) All of the above (except n°1)

1 comment:

wcs said...

I think it means you shouldn't have had that third beer before bedtime...

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