Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Which exit?

Six points. That's what the NJ DMV needs from me before May 16th.

Having a NJ licence has always been a funny thing since, well, it's pretty much a joke. My driving test took place in a parking lot behind the fountains of Wayne where the inspector said to me, after my 3rd attempt at parallel parking between orange cones ," well, I can see you know how to do it so it's ok." My current licence doesn't have a picture, since until recently, NJ didn't require one which forced me to always carry around my original licence with my 17 year old mugshot, facing left so I couldn't buy liquor.

But now, NJ needs 6 points of proof of who I am for me to renew my licence. They allow you to come up with many combinations of 6 point documents, from 1 to 4 points each, but can only combine a certain number from each category. So the fact that I have 3 four-pointers (ID) means nothing because I have only 1 one-pointer (proof of residence). And anything that could help is packed ina box somewhere and sitting in my future garage waiting to be unpacked.

So I guess I really am becoming a little less New Jersey (or should I say a little more French) as I loose my NJ driver's licence but gain a permanent residence in France. But I'll always be a NJ driver. In fact, I'm probably more of a NJ driver now than when I actually left the State.

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wcs said...

It's a weird feeling. I lost my CA license when it expired since there was no way to renew it - I have no proof of US residence.

So now all I have is my French license. I'm very nervous about ever renting a car in the US again since I know that they charge higher fees to "foreigners."

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