Friday, 2 May 2008

The one thing...

The one thing that is totally and completely done and looks absolutely gorgeous is the vertical bamboo floors. And I should know since I spent 5 hours today sanding, washing, and oiling them. My fingers are still vibrating and my knees are beginning to ache.

I finally convinced my husband that planning the move for the 17th was a bad move since we need to leave the apartment on the 21st and need to take off the wallpaper in the kitchen, replace the cat -scratched wallpaper, paint the ceiling to cover the stains from a grease fire 4 years ago as well as clean clean clean. And that needs to be done during our days off. thank France for all the public holidays in May!

So looking around at the house now - with half our stuff already stocked in the garage - it's starting to feel and look like something. And I have to ask myself: once we're in, will we actually do anything else? Ask me again in 2 years about the doors and window frames that need painting. I have a suspicion they'll still be "brut".

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