Friday, 10 August 2007

Breast Cancer

You'll see that I just added a new link to the Breast Cancer Site - please go and click every time you come visit me here. It helps fund mammograms.

As I was roaming the blogosphere last night, I came to Whymommy at Toddlerplanet who was recently diagnosed with Inflamatory Breast Cancer. I was touched by her strength, courage and sense of humor and have joined her support team, Team Why Mommy. It made me think a lot about my mother-in-law Annette, Suzanne's namesake, who fought breast cancer for 15 years and all the other women I've know who have fought breast cancer.

I will begin road racing again in a couple weeks and will don my Ligue Contre le Cancer t-shirt and will give money for every race I run. Cancer is an especially important health issue here in Northern France where the incidence is among the highest in France.

So, go click.

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