Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Advantages of my job#5 : lunch in London with a good friend

I may be travelling 5 hours by train there and back, I may be travelling with a co-worker I dislike, I may also be presenting my job...in public...alone...in front of a couple hundred people. I may also not have time to visit Chester beyond my hotel window and the City Hall, which is a shame because it's supposed to be a really nice walled city...but at least I'll have time to have lunch in London in between Waterloo and Euston stations. And at least I'll get a chance to go to Boot's (an english CVS), and buy some cheese (in Chester) and maybe even get a Starbuck's...Just wish I had time to go to Whole Food's. Yeah, I know! Only the English Channel is seperating me from a Whole Food's. Damn!

So in the end, do the food and friend outweigh the fact that I will be spending almost 2 days away from my family, wll not see the light of day for nearly 48 hours (unless I have insomnia and can go for a run tomorrow morning), and will be making a presentation alone since I'm pretty sure my cheeky co-worker will bail on her part and leave me the entire presentation about the job I-never-cared-enough-about-to-learn-the-bla-bla

Let's hope so...and let's hope there's wine at dinner, cause otherwise I'll go into shy repressed mode.


Madame M. said...

... is this the moment to mention that we have Boots at Target now?

Yay for lunch with good friend though :o)

Reb said...

Boots at Target??? So unfair!

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