Monday, 7 May 2007

Weaning Part III : and then there were two...

Yesterday was the first day since September that I didn't pump my milk at work. Farewell Medela Lactina Plus double pump.

Even the days I had to go to Brussels for meetings, I managed to pump. And man do I have some embarrassing stories to share, like the time I was walked in on by a surprised and rude Spanish woman ("can't you do that in the bathroom?") or when I had to ask a young macho Flemish guy if there was a private room where I could pump my milk... My co-workers all know the ins and outs of my milk production and have been able to see first hand fresh breast milk when they look in the fridge. I'm sure they'll miss the jokes about having my milk in their coffee. So, the end is near.

The doctor gave the green light for cow's milk so we are down to 2 feedings a day as of this morning. The lunchtime feeding will be replaced by cheese (I want my daughter to be a cheese fiend like her mother). The next one to go is bedtime. I know that's often the last to go, but I think it's the hardest too. I know myself. If I don't force myself to give it up now, I will drag it out for a while.

Possibly by the time I leave for my meeting in Ireland, the nursing will be over. Suzanne will never suckle another breast, unless she's a lesbian (which is fine with me).

It felt good to clean the pump and put it away in its box. As I put it away, I thanked it for its company and for providing me with good service. I said to it, "I wish I could say I'd miss you, but I won't. "
What I will miss is my daughter grasping onto my arm, patting my back and looking at me cooing as she drinks my milk. It's been a great experience and I'm glad I've been able to give her the best for this first year of her life. But it's time for all of us to move on. And it's time for me to start wearing real bras and to reclaim my breasts (or will my husband be doing that?).

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Deb said...

You did a great job with her for a year. Suzanne got all the nutrients and anitbodies she needed.

Now she can eat grown-up food with mommy and daddy. It's the start of a new adventure!

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