Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Birthday aftermath...

3 Americans+2 Brits + 1 Aussie+ bowling +1 vodka gimlet + 4 beers + 3 glasses of wine + Indian food+ baby screaming at 5:45am for 45 minutes. I'm doing well all things considered.

Now let's see what was going on a year ago today:

Me and my belly are hanging in there. I'm starting to get uncomfortable and not sleeping well - it's 1.30 and I'm still up. Nervous excitment and stuff I guess. Had a check up yesterday and everything is still closd, the baby hasn't dropped so I have massive heartburn as well as bladder issues. They also said that dynamic energetic women like myself tend to go full term. Great. I just want her out.

1 comment:

Deb said...

All that alcohol and Indian food was worth it though wasn't it? ;o)

That's nice that you documented your pregnancy. Aren't you glad that we have the first pregnancy/baby under our belts? Now if we ever have another one, we'll know what to expect!

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