Saturday, 12 May 2007

Semi-weaned and totally confused

When I picked up Suzanne from the nanny's yesterday,she told me that all went well until snack time. Suzanne was inconsolable. The nanny offered her more rice cake (my daughter is sugarfree) but she kept crying but wasn't hungry. The nanny thinks she wanted a bottle. So when we got home, we cuddled in bed with her "doggie" and some books. At dinner, I gave her a little cup with defrosted breastmilk in it (I have a frozen supply to use up). she gulped and gulped and then...burst into tears. She looked at me and said in one little look with a huge sob that she understood what was going on. At bed time, I nursed Suzanne.

The original plan was for last night to be her last evening nursing and then by the middle of next week, the morning nursing owuld be phased out. My good friend Bryony told me that it was probably worse for me than for Suzanne. I agree with that. But when I spoke to my mother she said, "Well, it seems she's telling you she's not ready."

So now I'm totally confused and wondering if maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't be totally weaning her yet. And maybe there is a way for us to continue a little longer, even though I'll be in Ireland for a couple days. Maybe she can have a bottle in the morning and night for 3 days while I'm gone. And when I get back, we can gradually finish the weaning.

Is there anyone out there in the blogosphere who can give me some advice? Please?!

Last year on this date :
I'm due the 23rd.But tonight's a full moon so maybe she'll come tonight (despite the fact that my cervix has not moved at all!) I know that if the baby hasn't come yet, then it's cause she's not ready to come. But I really really don't want them to induce!
She hasn't even dropped yet! but I do have less acid reflux that must be a sign of something. What the hell is she doing in there? I want her out! and now the midwife said that she'll be at least 3.5 kilos. And she stressed at least.


Nicole said...

I'm probably not the best person to give breastfeeding advice - most people think I nursed my boys too long (2 1/2 years each) but...I agree with your mom, it sounds like she's not ready and if there's anyway you can work it out and continue for a while, I think you'd both feel better about it. Do you have really specific reasons for wanting to totally wean her now? You could keep a few nursings per day - once in the morning and once before bed kind of thing. I did that for a long time with the boys. I tried to think of weaning as a REALLY longterm thing. At one they both probably nursed 4 times a day. And over the year and 1/2 that followed, we slowly worked our way down to once a day. So that when I completely weaned, they were only nursing once a day anyway and it was easier on both of us. Good luck - I know it's hard.

MM said...

Yeah maybe It'll just take a little longer, i've heard it should be a slow process...why not keep to the plan and if after ireland she's still not settled
just feed her once a day, your milk levels will adapt to what you need after a couple of days that way you can make sure that you and her gradually wean together and it wont feel like you had to because of your trip. It will feel like a natural step. I think you know what you should, mothers always do - just lack confidence in our convictions...well atleast I do sometimes!

Reb said...

Thank you both.
The reason for stopping now is that I'm going away for 3 days - we are down to 2 feddings a day anyway. The reason to cut it down so much was to get rid of the pumping at work which was a total pain in the ass. So, if we can both handle 3 days away from each other - and my husband can give her a bottle in the morning and at night - we should continue; now I just have to convince my husband to be a patient just a little longer...

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