Tuesday, 15 May 2007

savouring the last moments

I swear this blog will only be nursing related for another couple days then I'll bitch about the French somemore.

I'm trying to savour the last few moments of nursing Suzanne. This morning was the second to last time. When I take Suzanne in my arms, she reaches up and puts her hands to my mouth. She never did learn to grab my breast herself (since they were too heavy at first) she opens her mouth like a little bird and waits for me to shove it in her mouth. Then she taps my chest with one hand as she pinches my back fat with the other. As she gets into eating, she begins tapping her own head. Then she pulls her hair. Once in a while she comes up for air, looks at me, looks at her bookshelf, then goes back to more hair pulling.

It doesn't seem like much, in fact, it's totally animal (Jérôme calls me his favorite mammal) but these are really speciall moments that I don't want to forget....but I know I will.


Papadesdeux said...

You won't REALLY forget, but the "moments" just continue to pile up so your brain gets really, really full!

cara said...

oh reading this makes me sad for the day when i will wean my daughter too. she's almost 7 months so, thankfully, i still have a bit of time left. it's so adorable the little things they do while feeding.

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