Monday, 21 May 2007

Advantages of my job #4: all expenses paid

I'm off to Cork Ireland tomorrow for 3 days of long winded, hihgly political and very boring meetings. I'm trying not to be too negative about it but I have to travel with my least favorite co-worker and then have the actual meetings to bear. And even have to present something about the 2007 budget (read I don't give a shit!). Not to mention the fact that I have to leave Suzanne for 4 days and Jerome to look after her (let's not even think about the state of the apartment when I get back on Friday!). So here is my effort to be positive:

I have an all-expenses paid 3.5 day trip to Ireland. I'll be staying in a nice hotel with a spa (that's too expensive to go to) and will have all meals paid for. Since the meeting doesn't start until Wednesday at 2:00, I will have all tomorrow night to relax (read get loaded) and then the next morning to go running and then to explore Cork City.

Then, I will be an active participant in a transnational meeting where government representatives from 7 Member States will make decisions about the future of various transnational cooperation projects. They will also make very important decisions (read monetary) about the 2007-2013 programming period.

Ok, so I'm not convincing. My job sounds good though, doesn't it? If things get really bad, I'll just get trashed at the organized dinners and do my party tricks (I can stick my entire fist in my mouth - because I have small hands, not a big mouth). Who cares about hangovers when you have a king size bed to yourself and no baby or cats to wake you up. My guess is that I won't sleep well without the usual disturbances... This is gonna be a long three days.

Ooo! And one more positive point. I can bring back tons of extra mature cheddar cheese. Mmmm.


Deb said...

Well, at least it's paid for! ;o)

If Jerome needs anything or any help, give him my number. Me and the hubby can help if needed.

Try and enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

I used to work out of an international NGO (read: could give a shit about my job) out of Geneva............ummmmm, I know exactly what you're talking about.

Now we're in Paris and I work in real estate (read: Helluva lot better as the money is good and I'm a total voyeur).

Have fun and can't you expensive some part of the spa? Come on, be creative!

P.S. Just started reading your blog, never posted before. It's awesome!


Amy H said...

I used to work for the OECD and took a few trips with them. I can sum up my memories of them in three words: "lecherous delegates" and "minibar".

Amy H said...

p.s. have fun, and sleep well!!

Papadesdeux said...

Bon Voyage... I'm thoroughly envious.

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