Wednesday, 18 April 2007

a very shakey neighbor

(Leon patiently awaits the next attack)

My upstairs neighboor shakes her laundry out the window. everyday. starting at 7:00 am. ending at 11:00 pm. and many times in between. She shakes everything, big and small from all of her windows (both sides of the building). It's not really a problem in the winter when the windows are closed (except when her sheets bang against our shutters while we're trying to sleep) but in the summer....

Not only does it piss the cats off while they bask in the sun on the windowsill but I'm scared they'll try and jump out the window after her stuff. More impotrtantly, and disgustingly, all the crap she's shaking off her stuff falls in my windows! I've found various things on my windowsills- from bread crusts to baby bibs to random ribbons. I actually found a napkin in my bedroom once (and no, it was not mine). And once, water fell in my living room window.

Many times, I've told her (in my head) that this is unacceptable. Ok, you might think that after 3 years of living with this we would have said something but no. We are both experienced wussies when it comes to this kind of thing. Besides, someone who shakes her stuff so often can't be too mentally stable.

Every two weeks or so, I tell Jerome I'm gonna say something to her. He then tells me that she has the right to shake her stuiff (does she?) so I can't just tell her to stop. Once we come to an agreement on what I can say (for instance, can you do it less often?) I always wuss out. I shouldn't be scared- she's very nice, even gave Suzanne a gift when she was born- but there's someting scary about her. Like, if you cross her, she'll key your car (which btw is parked right next to mine).

So this is the price you pay for being a wuss in France.

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Deb said...

You should collect all the things that have fallen on your property and return them to her. Very kindly say, "You lost these when you were shaking your laundry and I thought you might want them back". Then maybe she'll stop. ;o)

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