Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Round 1 or I might have to leave this country too

First round of the elections are this Sunday. Last Saturday at the market, there were people canvassing the market place. I left with flyers for 3 candidates. The polling station I'm supposed to go to - the school across the boulevard- has its mandatory metal panels outside. Each candidate has a specific space for posters. And every social discussion revolves around the stats (real or fake) that say the 2nd round could be Le Pen versus Sarko.

I took some pictures outside my polling station and Suzanne was nice enough to pose for me.
What does it mean that all of the candidates are defaced except José Bové, the alterglobilization activist who might be best known for being jailed for dismantling a McDonald's? Makes you wonder...

So far, I don't know anyone planning on voting for Sarko. I also don't know anyone who voted for W and he still won.

I told my mother that if W won in 2000, I would go back to France. And I did. Of course it had more to do with love than with US politics. This time I have no excuse.

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Deb said...

I know some people voting for Sarko. If he wins, he better not deport my ass! I might not speak, read, or write enough French to be living in this country. I have a husband and child here though, I hope he'll take that into consideration!

I'm American, and yet I'm an immigrant. That seems funny to me. I don't consider myself a foreigner, but I am.

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