Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The House (Part III)

So we still haven't gotten the demolition permit but apparently it's not stopping the work on the extension at the back of the house. We still can't contract the roofer, electrician or plumber although Jérôme keeps saying we can have a bbq for Suze's first birthday in our garden-to-be which is currently a concrete and brick box. I'm not holding my breathe, although I might if all the cats in the neighborhood continue to use our house as their litterbox.

(Picture 1 my new floor and partial view of what will be our miniscule "yard")

Yes, there is progress. In the past week, the guys have broken the old extension, pissing off the neighbor in the progress as pieces of reinforced concrete went flying into her yard barely missing her dog. We went over there with a box of chocolates to appologize, but there was no answer. I'm not so secretly hoping that I get to eat them myself.

Yesterday, the guys put down the beams to support my kitchen floor. Bad news is that we can't have slate floors like I wanted but will have to do with tiles. Today they are starting the walls. and keep your fingers crossed that all these long weekends with the french public holidays in may don't delay the demolition permit another month!

(Picture 2 view from what will one day be my kitchen)

1 comment:

Deb said...

Progress is progress! Each day you are one step closer to having your own home. Very nice!

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