Tuesday, 6 March 2007


On Monday and Tuesday, I had to attend a 600 person conference. Of course the first thing I do when I have to spend the day at an event is to figure out how and where I'll pump. It was pretty easy this time since it was only a 5 minute walk back to my office. So on the first day, I skipped out on the morning session to pump and then again at lunch. In the afternoon, as I was going out for air, a woman came running after me saying "I was told you are breast feeding too. Where do you pump?" I was thrilled to have someone to share my secret with! I brought her to my office even though I hadn't been planning on going there. So today, I sought her out in the morning and we made a meeting point for to go pump during the lunch break.

As we were walking back to my office in the rain, talking about logistics of pumping and how long will you do it, etc I realized a couple things.
I realized how lucky I am that my work has allowed me to put my daughter first. And how lucky I am to not have had any sore nipple or cracks or infections. But I also realized that I shouldn't be counting in weeks and months or the one year limit. I should feed S as long as it feels right and as long as we are both healthy. I think one year sounds good, but who knows. I've gotten this far and if I can't make it another 3 months so be it. So here's to all those sisters out there!

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Deb said...

That's so cute...breast-pumping buddies! ;o)

I agree with what you said about not putting a time limit on your breastfeeding. It could be another week, month, or year. I'm sure little S will let you know when she's had enough. Just keep enjoying this special bond that you can share with your daughter.

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