Monday, 12 March 2007

How to embarrass a Frenchman...

I look forward to my Sunday morning run. I used to run before work but since the baby's been here, I have only had my Sunday mornings to run. I run alone. I always have, except during college. It's my solace, my moment of peace. I have nothing against running with others, in fact, I like it. But my husband, an occasional runner, can't run me with anymore. And it's not only because I'm faster than he :). It would mean running with the stroller, something he DOES NOT handle well.

But yesterday, after a tough week and a not so relaxing weekend, my husband decided he wanted to run too so he gave into the stroller - on the condition that 1) I drive us to the park and 2) I push the stroller. Fine. So the three of us went running and I think my husband was embarrassed the entire time. He said he didn't have a good run, but claims it had nothing to do with the stroller.

I'll admit that the first time I took the running stroller out to actually RUN with it, I was embarrassed. But I have seen the occasional running stroller in the park and feel reassured, especially when the "real" runners who train regularly congratulate my effort. Besides, it's a good change for S to get some air and sometimes the only way I can get my run in.

Now, you may be asking how I can run with my boobs full of milk. It takes a certain amount of timing (just after pumping and right before the morning nap) and well fitting bras, but it works out fine (except the time when S absolutely needed to have some milk in the middle of my run so I had to undo my bra in the park).

I'm still not sure why my husband is so ashamed of the running stroller - maybe I'm just too American?! Maybe I should put on my baseball cap next time and really embarrass him! We're just learning to live with a baby and the bottom line is that you are no longer in control of your life. So you do what you can when you can and however you can all in the quest of retaining a little sanity.

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Deb said...

LOL! At least your husband has tried it. I don't think mine would ever do that!

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