Sunday, 25 March 2007

bug etiquette

I was making pancakes for Suzanne this morning and found bugs in my organic wholewheat flour. I took them out and thought, well, there are bugs now which means there were eggs before so I've already eaten the eggs. As long as the whole bugs are out of the batter, no big deal right? Besides, I ate grilled cicadas in China, right?

It made me think of the meal worm problem we had when I was little and my mother would say, "just extra protein." And my sister and I would refuse to eat anything that came from the pantry. I still check for meal worms when I visit my parents.

I was really going make the pancakes, larva and all, and as I was mixing, I just kept finding more and more brown wigglies. So I chucked the batter. But it got me thinking: am I turning into my mother?


Samantha said...

I've heard from other people that they see a lot of bugs and other wigglies in products they get from bio stores here in France...I buy bio oats, bran, whole wheat flour, etc and have never seen any, but maybe I've just been lucky (or haven't been looking hard enough)!

Deb said...

Reb, I think you just put me off of my breakfast. =oP

Anonymous said...

I usually freeze flour, etc for about 24 hours to kill whatever imaginary or real eggs there are in the package. I know it's extra protein, but I like to think that I have control of the the type of protein I ingest.


Papadesdeux said...

You make her PANCAKES in the morning!?!

I am in awe.

Half asleep, I manage a bottle of milk or a cup of yogurt and then I ask.. do you guys really want a piece of toast? I'm never letting the twins talk to Suzanne.

OMG... I'm a terrible father.

Reb said...

It's not all so selfless, you know. I wanted pancakes for me too.

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