Friday, 23 March 2007

advantages of my job #1 : teleworking

Ok, so I'm way too negative about my job so I decided I'm going to start talking about the positive aspects of my job since it is actually really good. It's just that I'd rather be doing something else. I won't list everything all at once, don't worry. Ok let's start:


Yes, I am sitting at home in my pyjamas right now being paid to write this blog entry. Or actually being paid to type up the minutes of the incredibly boring interesting meeting I had all day Tuesday. There were auditors from all of the countries participating in the European Programme I work for. Why is the word "programme" capitalized like a proper noun you ask? I guess the eurospeak powers-that-be decided on the correct grammatical use of European Programme. I also think there is some German influence there. And yes, I know that program is spelled wrong, but I am probably the only American working for this programme so I have to blend in. But I digress..

They even got us snazzy new laptops with remote access so I can use my professional email at home. I can also access the work server from home. Isn't that great? Let me try that again, there was too much sarcasm there. It's great that I can access the server from home because I don't have to drag files home with me when I want to work from home.

Teleworking* also means that I can listen to music - I am listening to Emiliana Torrini right now. (she's worth a listen if you don't know her and she gives a great concert). And my cat, Leon, is purring next to me. And just think, if life had gone as I'd planned, I'd be in NJ teaching ESL to a bunch of rambunctious adolescents. Isn't life grand?

And now I've been officially paid for an hour of blogging time. Thanks Programme !

* Thank you spell check for shedding light on the real reason for teleworking - spellcheck proposes the following : metalworking, metalworking's, workingwomen, workingwoman, workingmen

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Deb said...

Sounds quite nice. Along with all the other benefits employers here in France offer, it make having a job a lot less stressful.

Remember having to decide which health insurance provider you wanted back in the US? And having to pay through the nose for it?!

You're lucky to have a job. I actually miss working....believe it or not!

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