Tuesday, 27 February 2007

9 months already

First off, I'd like to pat myself on the back from breastfeeding for 9 months.

I'd also like to wish my darling S a happy 9 month birthday.

I can't believe that 8 months and 28 days ago, I went into labor. That I had contractions for 2 days, had 12 hours of labor, a near ceaserian and then she was here. I remember wondering what I'd say to her when she came out. When the midwife laid her on my chest, I said "hi". And the doctor said "are you English?". "No, I'm American". "Me too," he said, "well, my grandmother was from Memphis". And that was the beginning of it all.

I spent the next few hours - after passing out on my way to the shower - just starring at her. Everyone says to sleep when the baby sleeps, but how can you?

I just remember the overwhelming feeling of power and awe at having grown a human inside of me and there she is! I am superwoman! I also felt really skinny...but of course, I wasn't.

When my milk finally came in a couple days later, I felt like crying. I kept squirting it all over the place just to make sure it was really there. I also was amazed at how my breasts felt like concrete and hurt like I'd been beaten up. And let's not forget the nightsweats (which I still get by the way). Not only was I able to feed my baby with my own body, but I finally understood what my body was for. All those years I wasted worrying about flabby thighs, wide hips and big boobs...now they had a sense.

Even now, 9 months later, I am still in awe of how my body works. And even more in awe of how my husband and I could have made such a perfect little creature...

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Deb said...

Yay! Happy 9 months lil' S! =oD

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