Wednesday, 28 February 2007

1% me time

Today is wednesday, ie the 20% of the week I don't work.
at first, I felt guilty leaving S at the nanny's in the morning so I could have time for myself but I got over that quickly when I realized how "my"10% of the week broke down. This is the official breakdown of my 4 1/2 hours per week

pumping x 2 - 30 minutes
gym or run - 1 hour
shower and dress 20 minutes
vacuuming - 20 min
changing cat litter - 10 minutes
various errands - done on way back from exercise -35 minutes
lunch (usually done while doing something else) 15 minutes
loading machine and folding laundry -25 minnutes
taking out garbage/recycling -10 minutes
misc (include cleaning up after husband, paying bills, and general organization) - 45 minutes

So when we do the total, I really only have 1 hour 20 minutes to myself...does this seem fair to you?

and why can't men multi task? like how hard is it to talk and put your clothes in the laundry basket at the same time? I think I'll buy a new one today. If I can get my husband to actually put the clothes in rather than on the basket, I'd gain at least 5 extra minutes a week...

PS don't actually believe that I have time to write this blog entry. I am pumping at the same time.


Spaghetti-o said...

I mean I'll buy a new basket, not a new husband.

Deb said...

LOL - that would have been funny if you meant your husband though!

Deb said...

Oh and I have to add...kudos to you! You are a working mom and yet you still find time to do the housework and keep up with exercising. I am a stay at home mom and have difficulty just taking care of the little one!

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