Tuesday, 21 June 2016

bilingual ado ramblings

Suzanne just turned 10 but has long entered the tween years. I used this blog to document her  bilingual development - from waleau  (water + eau) to assit (assis+sit) - so I should also start to document what a bilingual tween/ado.

Suzanne is a artist. She's constantly doodling and drawing so her desk is a disaster piled high with papers, crayons, markers, pens and an easel that's always about to topple over. On Sunday, I began helping her clean her room (only fair because I'd just helped Max put his legos away). As I came across paper upon paper, I started to complain.

Me: Suzanne, your room is a mess. You know, I love your drawings, but you don't have to keep every single piece of paper.
Suzanne: Mom, you're not helping me.
Me: Ok, fine I'll stop helping you clean your room.
Suzanne: I didn't ask you to help me...et puis, tu peux arrêter de malement complimenter mes choses.
Me: I don't understand what you mean...(pondering malement and wondering if I should be angry because she's got attitude or smile because she's being verbally creative)
Suzanne: Tu comprendras quand tu comprendras mieux le français (You'll understand when you understand French better).

Bam! And so it begins...

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