Friday, 5 July 2013

What I learned in my first year of CP (French 1st grade)

  1. Elle peut être très jolie mais ça veut pas dire qu'elle est gentille (she may be really pretty but that doesn't meant she's nice) : Suzanne said this about one of the teachers at her school. And she's right
  2. Just because the principal is an ex-wrestling champion and doesn't smile much doesn't mean she's cold and mean. The principal - who will be S's teacher next year - actually is much kinder than the kind-looking teacher she had this year
  3. Don't expect to be thanked by the teacher...ever ! Back in December and January, I went into S's class once a week for 30 minute American lessons, real lessons that I prepared for, put my heart into and that the kids and parents really appreciated. The teacher never said a simple merci.
  4. Once your bilingual child learns to read in one language, she'll figure it out in the other.
  5. Just because your bilingual child hears the majority language all day doesn't mean she'll reject the minority language. In fact, S seems even more proud of her bilingualism now that ever!
  6. Snacks are really important.
  7. CP is scary- maybe even more so for an American mom sending her children to French school - but you can make up for the lack of warm and fuzziness at school with your attitude at home. As my husband so wisely says, he and I went through different systems and we both ended up in the same place. There's a lot to be said for home life.
  8. Kids go at their own pace. S could speak French and English by the time she was 1 but she couldn't walk until she was 20 months. She may not have been the fastest reader, but she got there and she did it at her own pace.
  9. Teacher gifts are great (but don't expect them to say thank you...)
  10. If you ever think French kids have too much vacation time, I'm here to tell you it's well worth it. My kids are exhausted and need every break they can get !

Vive les vacances!!!!

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