Friday, 29 June 2012

NJ and me: perfect together

We made it to NJ: me, the kids and my pink eye.

I have to admit that perhaps was I got overly worked up about the actual trip. I was so sure my kids mostly Max) would be a nightmare on the plane. At the very moment I sat down on the plane, my husband called. I simultaneously picked up the phone, looked up at the seat back in front of, and broke into tears. Panic attack; there were no individual screens. (Note: despite what Delta says on their website, the plane did not upgrade all their planes!)

But my kids rose to the challenge. Suzanne was really helpful, holding her brother's hand in the airport. And Max, besides running off through security at both CDG and JFK, was great too. No yelling, no throw-myself-on-the-ground tantrums and not even his normal loud voice. As we were getting off the plane, the people across the aisle said "your children are amazing travellers." I felt like crying...

We've been here for almost a week and we've done all wonderful American things. The kids have been to a different play ground every day; they have been playing in the backyard with the slip and slide and the baby pool, they have been drawing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, they have been watching TV in the morning while I wake up; they have been speaking only English....

Max and I got caught in a thunderstorm while at the playground. We had to hide under a slide while the rain came pounding down and the sky rippled with thunder and lightening. Max was slightly traumatized by the whole experience which I have to admit scared the crap out of me too.

Next week, both kids start at daycamp (Toy toy toy - that's me warding off the evil pink eye).
I'm looking forward to my kids being real little Americans for a couple weeks.

But so far, between the Jersey corn, the water melon and the fireflies, I think we're doing pretty well (especially now that they are sleeping past 5:30am)

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