Saturday, 28 April 2012

MIA etc

Ever since I turned over a new leaf and decided NOT to be my typical complaining and bitching self at work, I've actually started enjoying my job (I know!) and become busy (I know!!!), too busy to blog from work.

When I started this blog decades ago, I was really bored at work, uncommitted and not really giving a crap about it. But it was a job, an interesting job actually, and it satisfied the need (ie flexible hours, good pay, international environment).

Without going into boring (or incriminating) detail about what my job actually is, last year there was doubt whether the job would continue or be moved to another country in which case I would have had to make a decision. Or actually, the decision would have been made for me...since I wasn't leaving Lille. But now, the job is staying here and by default, I'm staying and by default (ot more like pure personal effort), I have become motivated and actually work while I'm at work (I know!!!). So the time I used to spend mainting this blog while at work is actually taken over by doing the actual work I'm getting paid to do. Crazy I know.

And with the lack of time to blog, come lack of time to follow other people's blogs so I'm completely out of the loop and no one even reads this blog anymore since it's all about give in take in the blogosphere, right? And I'm not giving at the moment..

So I am going to try to be more regular a blogger, less frequent than I'd like, but more constant. This blog is important to me for a few reasons: the connection with other expats, the connection with other bilingual parents, documenting my kids' language progress as well as my own progress in this crazy country I call home.

So...I promise that next week I will write about Max's language development and our long trip to the US this summer, French elections, and my fears of Suzanne entering CP next year and my personal project which I'm still having trouble moving forward with...

Thanks for reading (to those who actually do come here)....


Anonymous said...

I read it pretty often! I really enjoyed the one about England... We are going to make the Rebecca tour of England tomorrow!

Reb said...

Cool! I hope you have better weather than we did!

A Pillow of Feathers Like Snow said...

I read it quite often actually, although I never leave comments.
I'm very interested in bilingualism, and my boyfriend is English (interested in linguistics and bilingualism too); one day we'll have children and they, too, will speak in both languages =)
And a funny thing is, we are both about to move to Lille together! (I've been studying there for the past two years, and he's joining me until January 2013).
Thank you for keeping writing!

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