Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Story time: January 2011

The next story time is Wednesday, January 11th at 3:30 pm.

I'm hoping the new year will bring new luck to my little project. I can't begin to explain how much more pleasure and satisfaction I get from reading to kids for 30 minutes than I do from a full day of work (unless that day includes a German Black Forest cake baked by my German co-worker or some hard alcohol from my Latvian co-worker).

The new director has finally arrived at the Wazemmes branch library and seems really keen on story time. The last session right before holidays was English only because the librarian was sick. But we still had a nice crew of 7 kids. SEVEN which apparently is a really good number. I would have thought a dozen but ok, seven. She said that we should send emails out to the schools to attract more kids and groups. Yay!

So please come and enjoy some stories in French and English, in a bilingual setting. It's free and it's fun!

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