Thursday, 15 December 2011

Storytime December 2011 - free cookies and stories

Last Saturday's storytime was awash. We knew it would be because it was the neighborhood schools Nöël celebration. So Max and I read "Green Eggs and Ham" five times and he was quite satisfied with his personalized storytime.

Looking for something to do during the vacances? Next edition is Wednesday, December 21st at 3:30pm. Fun is promised for all! We will be reading Little Red Riding Hood, Mo Willems and others.

It's FREE, it's FREE BILINGUAL and it's STORY TIME. Plus, I'll try to make cookies beforehand and give one to everyone present, adults and kids alike. Now why would anyone NOT come????


Bonne Maman said...

Hi Reb

I love that you have set up story time and am looking into speaking to my local library to do something similar when Poppette is a little older - not sure she would sit still long enough to get much out of it just yet - so i certainly wouldnt have any hands free for actual reading :)

I know that your focus is on buying and reading in English, but wondered do you have any tips for great books worth buying in French for Poppette (aged 14 months)- what do you have in your household that Max loves?


Bonne Maman

Reb said...

well story time actually uses resources the library alreayd has in French and English.
For Poppette...Max was obsessed with Maisy (aka Mimi la souris). I had some in French that I'd read to him in English - he liked the seasons one and the one with the transport. We also used to get some stuff at the library - I'm trying to remember the name as I Petite Bête by Antonin Louchard. Ohter nice ones in French are "Pourquooaa" and "Le Livre des Bruits" by Soledad Bravi and "Une Petite Souris Verte" by Denis Cauquetoux ( I think Suzanne liked that one). And if I think of more, I'll write them down.

L said...

Do you have a post (other than the story time ones) where you talk about books available in English and French? Like Maisy/Mimi, Olivia, Eric Carle...

I want to find some books for my nephew that also exist in French so my brother and sister in law can read to him.

Reb said...

Oh snap! I promised cookies for tomrrow. Oh la la!
L, there are a whole bunch of awesome books in French and English. Maisy (mimi) is one. Mo Willems, a guy from Brooklyn, has done some great stuff that is well translated. My favorites are The Pigeon Wants a Hotdog, There's a Bird on your Head, and Knuffle Bunny. There is also a bilingual version of The Cat in the Hat. The Jolly Postman exists in French. you can also try anything by Anthony Browne - he does beautiful, simple books like Willy the Dreamer (called Marcel le reveur) as well as My Mum and My Dad. You can also try "Going on a Bearhunt" by Oxenberry. There is also a great French book called LE Machin which is translated into English. I love it and so do the kids! Good luck!

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