Tuesday, 12 July 2011

see you in a couple weeks

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L said...

I don't know why or how, but I got two fliers in the mail yesterday for the "Fête du goût et des saveurs" in Montauban. It's at La Ferme du Ramier which has a petting zoo, a mini train, tractors, visits to the cheese workshop and lots of other things. The petting zoo/mini train place is open every Wednesday (2250 route de St Etienne Montauban) and the Fête du goût is at the same place but only on July 24th.
Apparently the petting zoo is free and possibly the mini train. Thought I would pass on the info for your kids!

Carole said...

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Kind regards,


Reb said...

L, thanks so much for the info! We didn't end up going to the farm but I did actually eat some of the cheese during a testing at the supermarket in Caussade.

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