Friday, 24 June 2011

Storytime June : Woohoo!

In a single word: AWESOME.

June's storytime was great. There was an enthusiatic crowd, including lots of new faces (all of whom I knew at least indirectly). But still, the room at the back of the library was packed.
Marie and I had prepared ahead but we were out of synch for a couple of books because the translations aren't always exact or because we tried to vary our style too much, sometime reading every other page, sometimes reading every other line. But, everyone seemed to love it. The energy in the room was great!

We read We're Going on a Bear Hunt which was, surprisingly, a huge hit. The kids (and adults) liked hearing the difference between the French and English onomatopoeia. We read Little Blue, Little Yellow which I did for the first storytime in English only; it works extremely well in bilingual format. Polar Bear, Polar Bear didn't work as well as we'd expected because the translation takes artistic liberty on the last page and even adds in a line! I guess it's all in the name of rythm, but still...We also read a bilingual book that I can't remember. And then I finished with Every Peach, Pear, Plum which the kids loved. They all gathered around me and pointed to things, completely random and unrelated thing for the French kids, as I read.

When we finished, Marie said to me "il va falloir trouver un nouveau lieu pour storytime." Not yet a victim of its own success, but it's coming.

After we left the library, we invaded the local park. It was like an anglo invasion of Wazemmes with all that English chatter going on.

Stay tuned for September dates. We'll be testing Saturday too!

Here's a picture of part of the group post-storytime but pre-park (mine are the girl in grey showing her claws and covering her face with her hair and the little one in the turquoise stroller). For anyone who remembers the boy, he's the blondie in front. His sister is teh blondie girl next to Max and she's my God-daughter.

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Amber said...

I hate that we missed it! Glad to hear it was great, though.

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