Monday, 30 May 2011

The Max project

Since my last post about Max's progress, I did some thinking. And thinking brought me to acting. I realize that I am hard on myself and I try not to be so hard on my kids...But I also realize that I have been a bit lacks with Max, especially in comparison to Suzanne at the same age.

So, over the past two weeks I've been testing Max : when he speaks to me in French, I tell him that that's what Papa says and what does Mommy say. He continues to say please or more or thank you, which are all very nice of him. But, I continue to insist. And he doesn't get what he wants until he speaks English. And you know what, it's working! After two weeks, he is now saying more instead of encore and more instead of un autre (we're still working on another). I have also been reading him more picture books, something I haven't done much up to now because of his short attention span. We've been reading about half of Maisy's Amazing Book of Words every night.

The first night, I couldn't believe how many words he knew in French: escargot, parapluie and serpent. But I'm equally impressed that he knows the words in English, upon prodding.

Suzanne turned 5 last Friday and I found this video of her at Max's age. I have put it in perspective and now realize that Suzanne has a very musical ear which I think has strenghtened her language skills. So happy 5th birthday to my little girl!


Penny said...

I think you're doing great with your kids! I know its hard but try not to compare them too much. We have the same set-up here, older girl, younger boy. At first my daughter's language skills seemed so much more advanced than my son's at the same age but as time goes on he is blossoming in his own way.

Reb said...

Thanks Penny. I know Max will catch up in his own time...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Suzanne! And good for Max -- yes, I'm more lax with my second too. But he's whizzing along in both languages. His brother is far more verbal but the little guy is very interested in words and spelling and all that.

I read this today and thought of you -- if you haven't used up your quota of NYT articles for the month --


Reb said...

thanks Rachael. That's a great article. There has been a lot in the news recently about bilingual kids.
We missed you at storytime last time. Hope you'll make it in June!

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