Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Grandma conundrum

I am a worrier. It's part of who I am and what makes me both lovable and annoying as hell.

And although I come off as being pretty low-key, calm and collected, I'm not. I spend most days with the feeling that all of my organs have low-frequency waves going through them making me constantly tremble.

The point is, that at this stage, I shouldn't be so worried about Max's language progression. But I am. Suzanne is bilingual. Max is saying more and more every day, much of it in English, and he clearly understands everything. But, I do worry which is why it's so important for Max to get the most out of my mother's annual February visit.

When Suzanne was Max's age, she spent 2 weeks with my mother every February. Max can't do that because my mother can't really handle both kids for 2 weeks during vacation. So as February vacation approaches (my mom arrives in 17 days!), I'm trying to come up with creative and realistic solutions for Max to get the most out of my Mom without 1)totally draining my Mom and 2)without putting anyone at risk. My mother had back surgery a couple years ago and isn't completely stable on her feet which makes carrying an energetic 18 month old boy up and down the stairs a little complicated. I may be able to take a couple days off work to help out, but it isn't the same as 2 weeks with Grandma!

I want them to bond the way Suzanne and Grandma have in the past. And I want Max to drown in an American bath (so to speak). I was thinking that maybe Max could go to nursery school in the mornings - since he sleeps anyway - and my mom could get him after lunch a couple times. That way they get to spend a few half days together which is better than no days at all.

And let's face it. Grandmas are just awesome. They spoil us, make good food and when Grandma's visiting, the kitchen sink is always empty of dirty dishes.

So if anyone out there has some ideas (on how to relax or how to maximize Grandma's stay), please share.


Anonymous said...


i meant to comment on this a while ago, when it would have made sense!

can your son go up the stairs on all fours, with you behind him? just to practice getting up so grandma won't have to carry him. and going down the steps, you go first, then he scoots down after. that way he'll have the idea before your mom arrives. see, a much better idea when i first read the post than telling you now!

it's hard with the two, i know. my mom is coming for the february break too. it's good for each of them to have some time alone with their nana.

i hope you have a great time!


Reb said...

Thanks Rachel! Max and I have practiced going up stairs but down stairs is impossible. He would just launch himself down head first! My mom says she's ok with them both. We'll see how it goes the first couple days. Grandparents are just such an amazing presence in their lives. I don't want Max to miss out on grandparent time!

Mil said...

It's true that grandma time will help his English. My daughter's really improved after three weeks in the US and she really speaks more in English now, too. Don't fret too much though (I'm a fellow fretter) cause if he doesn't get a full treatment in English this time, it'll come in the future when he can walk up and down the stairs properly.

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