Thursday, 2 December 2010

Just an observation

Last night, my husband asked me why we were speaking more English than usual. I hadn't even noticed. But it's true that since my return from the US at the beginning of November, J and I have been speaking a lot of English together. I hadn't noticed because, I suppose my brain is so much in English mode at the moment after 2 weeks in the US, working in English and having American guests at the house for 3 weeks. And since Suzanne and I tend to be less taciturn than J, there is more English chatter going on.

J is not against speaking English to the kids, but he just doesn't feel he could do it all the time. It's just not the language in his heart.

And then with Max trying to get his head around our OPOL set up, I tend to be a bit more boisterous (to be nice to myself) than my husband because somewhere, not so deep down, I feel like the mother tongue is in peril. Until that little boys makes a full sentence in English, I will be in survival mode, constantly questioning and not letting down my linguistic guard.

This morning, as Max clomped around our bedroom at 6.15 (we took him into our room so he wouldn't wake up his sister who he is now sharing a room with), J asked me what resilient meant. He said that he thinks we are fairly resilient the moment since we are managing to carry on with our normal activities despite the lack of sleep, the work travel, the obligations and (oh yeah in case I haven't mentioned it for a while) all the unfinished work in the house.

Resilient. Or something.


Mil said...

HI Reb, Just another question for you as I'm flying out soon with my daughter. you said you didn't have a car seat for Suzanne. What about Max? My daughter's rather little so the seat belt will just fall off of her. Do you know anything about the CARES system? What about using a booster seat? Thanks, Milam

Reb said...

Max stayed on my lap - except when he was sleeping. The airline gave us a seatbelt extender that attached to my lapbelt.

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