Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Franglais filters

"I want a t-shirt with bras", said Suzanne as we were getting into our pyjamas last night.
I looked at her dressed in her long sleeve pyjamas and looked at myself in my cotton camisole and automatically switched into franglais mode. Assuming she meant bras (as in the French for arms), I quickly turned the sentence around. "You mean, you want a t-shirt without arms like me?" Of course she wanted the undershirt with the cherries on it, the one that is packed away with the summer clothes. I finally managed to get her dressed and to bed.

It wasn't until a little later that I realized the only franglais part in the discussion was my brain. Because what Suzanne really meant was she wanted a t-shirt that looked like a bra ie a strappy t-shirt like me. Duh!

Sometimes you just need to take off the franglais ear filters and accept the words in the language in which they are spoken.

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