Friday, 21 May 2010

bored and unnerved

All morning, I was sitting in a classroom at the university - were those chairs always so uncomfortable or is it old age?- listening to people go their their collaborative and cooperative blah blah at a meeting about a new project. Here is what I learned.

Collaborative transport solutions are good for the economy, the environment and the consumer.

A Chinese man speaking English with a strong accent can almost put you in a trance if you focus on the flow of the language and not the words.

A French man speaking English with a strong French accent is really very sexy. The French use their lips much more when speaking. And the lips move the same sexy way when they speak English.

If you study someone really carefully, you can almist see what they looked like 30 years ago. And if you realize they were attractive, it's unnerving to realize that they may also be looking at you in the same way.

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