Friday, 30 April 2010

Chantier saga continues

The house - yes, it's still there and it's still a thorn in my side and aspects of it are definitely (eternally?) a chantier. Since last summer when Jerome started work on the garden, everything's been on standstill (blame it on baby #2). I thought I'd actually get stuff done being at home with Max for 6 months and yet...I didn't do anything except be a mom which is already a lot.

So last weekend, with the dirt in the micro-garden finally turned over and cleared of fresh (and not so fresh) cat droppings, we went to Belgium to what I could only describe as the opposite of a gardener's wet dream. Floralux. Please don't ever make me go there again. It an enormous garden center à la belge replete with tacky garden statues, a chocolate section, random toiletries and a french fry truck! After finally randomly choosing honeysuckle, clematis, roses, and raspberries from the dozens and dozesn of types, we couldn't figure out why the kids were getting antsy. We'd been there for almost 2 hours! Luckily the kids got hungry because we were too overwhelmed to think about food.

The plants are planted by my non-expert, non-green thumbs and we have a tentative plan of attack to create a wooden patio so we can actually take advantage of our micro-garden (which hopefully will not be turned back into a giant litter box). As they say, "il y a 2 saisons dans le nord - le mois d'aôut et le reste de l'année". I hope we'll be able to use our garden at some point...

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Rachael said...

Oh, come on, how can you not love Floralux? Okay, it's a desperate place, but so many great plants for cheap. And open on Sundays! I hate IKEA but I can stand Floralux, maybe for the freak show factor.

We had two "picnics" in our garden this week, in the glorious sunshine. I find that my kids think all food tastes better outside.

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