Friday, 27 February 2009

Socialized, universal health care and Michelle Obama's nice purple shirt

I've been hopelessly neglecting my blog and my blog reading, as anyone who still comes this way can see. But I have good reason.

The other morning as I watched the news during a flash of motivation to do some morning exercies (seeing as I don't have time for anything at the moment), I saw a warm and happy vision on the TV : Both houses of Congress aplauding Obama as he came to give his speech. There was a lovely pan onto Michelle who looked beautiful in deep purple. I was brought to tears as I half-heartedly did my squats.

Euronews mentioned that he spoke of socialized healthcare which really hit home. After my recent visit "home", I realized that health care (and vacations of course!) is the main issue that would keep me from living in the US unless I were independently wealthy.

During our three weeks in the US, we were all sick with sore (probably strep) throats but didn't dare go to the doctor. As soon as I was back, we went to the my kissy family doctor (who used the tu form with me by the way!) because it costs me nothing.

Which brings me to the state of pregnancy in France. When Amy over at Chtilins and Cambembert was pregnant with her 2nd one, she kept a running total of how much she paid or, in reality didn't pay since she actually made money being pregnant with the money the government gives you when you're pregnant. I wanted to do the same, but then realized, well I have nothing to report because I'm covered 100% until a couple months after the baby's birth. (Did you catch that or do I have to spell it out?) . At 4 months, I have had 2 ultrasounds, 3 blood tests, a test for markers of possible birth defects. And the only out of pocket expense I've had is 11€ for a pregnancy test. That's a damn cheap pregnancy so far.

There is a downside to all this as I'm sure you imagine. My regular doctor will follow me only until the 4th month at which point I will be followed at the hospital where I'm going to give birth. I have chosen a public hospital which means that I won't necessarily see the same mid-wife throughout the pregnancy (it's different at private clinics). And I don't know who will be there when I actually give birth. But if my experiences giving birth to Suzanne are any indication, it doesn't matter because everything went well...once I got past the fact that complete unknowns were doing intimate things to me.

So I say, go Obama! Go socialized health care! Go baby 2!


My Bilingual Babes said...

Michelle always looks amazing, doesn't she? Fingers crossed for the proposed healthcare reforms. I am about half-way through The Audacity of Hope and it lays out all his ideals very clearly, so he has a lot to live up to. But if anyone can change things, he can!

English Rider said...

Congrats on the pregnancy. In my ancient days as a mum in France we were also incentivised (word?) to go to all well-baby visits. if your carnee de sante was not stamped by the doctor you did not receive the next month's support payment from the government.

Pardon My French said...

Go, Reb! That is fantastic news.

Rachael said...

congratulations! i know you've already chosen your place but i'll always give a plug for the clinique st jean in roubaix.

i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and suzanne is excited!

Beth said...

Great post and congratulations!
All my wishes and hopes go out to you for a healthy, happy pregnancy and a another lovely baby at the end of it all!

ITA that healthcare in France pretty much ROCKS! My youngest had heart surgery here a few years back. There was no waiting list and nothing to pay. Amazing.

The US Republicans talked trash about socialized medicine for years, trying to scare everyone. You and I (and millions of folks here in France) know it was all LIES!

Reb said...

Thanks for all the well wishes for me and my belly. I have heard that St. Jean in Roubaix is excellent, but since my husband doesn't drive, we are sticking with the convenient route.

There was an article in the NYT about certain Republicans equating socialism to communist fascists. Just makes me laugh. In any case, I am very proud of Comrade Obama.

Leah said...

Felicitations on baby#2!! I know I'm late with my congrats, but I'm way behind on blogs(not to mention my own which is wayyy neglected for the moment), so I'm just getting around to visiting yours now. Hope all is going well!

Elisabeth said...

I am catching up with my blogroll, and I was very happy to read about your great news! Baby #2, wonderful! Do you know (or want to know, for that matter) if it's a boy or a girl?

Reb said...

Elisabeth, if you visit again this summer, you may be able to see baby2! I promise there won't be any maroilles.

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